Top 5 Apps – Android : Utilities

Here in this blog we are going to discuss about the apps that are widely used in our country and the useful apps. As we talk about apps please don’t be confuse as you will not see any games in the list. And we have excluded apps like facebook and google apps as we will be talking later about a lot of other apps.

By the time app development and craze of people especially youths have fallen a lot towards it.

1. Hamro Patro

I may not have to review this as a lot of Nepali Users have it already installed on their phone. Going with the name it may sound like a Calendar, Astrological & Horoscope type. But it is more than just that and is one of the most downloaded app of Nepal. Hamro Patro consists of Calendar, News, Daily Horoscopes, Loadshedding Schedule, Election Updates, Exchange Rates, Online Radios, Useful tools, widgets and more. Team behind the app are very active as with the time and context it has received many regular updates. It has total number of installs between 1 to 5 millions as the current stats from Google Play Store and have review of 4.5 which has been reviewed by more than 40,000 Android users. It is loved by all the Nepalese living in Nation and abroad.

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2. SHAREit

In beginning there used to be a lot of apps of this type, but in the end SHAREit stands to rule them all out and take the top. Along with fast and popular it is the most convenient sharing app. I don’t think I need to talk all the basic features as most of our readers already know it, but the power to transfer huge files, chat during connection, easy to connect, convenience, App transfers, No Internet required, PC Connects are something that helps us during a lot of times. It uses the mobile feature of WiFi Hotspot to connect between the devices.

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3. MX Player

MX Player is something I consider how the Video Player should be. There is almost all & some extra features that makes it stand in top of its category. It plays 95% of all video files* and audios. It uses both Software (SW) & Hardware (HW) decoder to support the video. That results in playing the videos that basic video player that came with device couldn’t play. For one who is fond of watching movies, it helps to find the right subtitle as well, which is a great help for people like me 😉 . It has more than 100 million downloads worldwide and it seems to be increasing.

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4. B612

Here comes what we see on selfie lovers phone. With cool and glowing effects B612 makes it position in top apps as there are many people finding easier to decorate themselves through technology. B612 is a photo taking app with features of enhancing skins and add effects in app.

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5. Opera Mini

Opera has been the friend of Nepalese browsing even before Android. And we still use it because it is still smoother, faster and data saving as it used to be. No matter how much the telecoms deduce the amount it is still heavy to consume mobile data. So, Opera Mini comes to light to provide more than 60% of data savings in browsing. One of the great thing is its compatibility with every phone without glitch than most browsers have. So, it is still a recommended app.

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I know I have missed out a lot of other apps as well,